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All the good stuff from modifiedMM but with a new scene manager.


  • A more visual focused UI
  • Save both scenes and kankyo (backgrounds) to PNG files
  • Create folders for simple grouping of scenes/kankyo
  • No limits for number of scenes/kankyo (aside from available hard drive space)


Grab the latest release over here

Place COM3D2.MultipleMaids.Plugin.dll in your game's Sybaris\UnityInjector folder.


Since the scene manager is a replacement for the save manager, it can be accessed through the same methods.

First Run Conversion

Opening the scene manager for the first time will convert all your scenes and kankyo to png files and will put them in COM3D2\Mod\MultipleMaidsScene and COM3D2\Mod\MultipleMaidsKankyo respectively.

The conversion process will add this


to your MultipleMaids.ini config file which is used only by the scene manager so that it does not run the conversion process again. The conversion process does not modify your ini in any other way.

Example Scene

Example Scene

Example Kankyo

Example Kankyo

Converting PNG Scenes Back to an Ini

A converter and instructions on how to use it can be found over here.


Scene Manager

Scene Management

Kankyo Manager