Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  habeebweeb 9da4c603d0 Add more opportunities for sort options to save 10 months ago
  habeebweeb d7305af379 Add sorting options 10 months ago
  habeebweeb f918cfcec2 Merge branch 'master' of 10 months ago
  habeebweeb ab4e93f48d Fix face window for gp01fb faces 10 months ago
  habeebweeb 563d2cf357 Add more checks to menu file parsing 10 months ago
  habeebweeb adeb80fa3a Fix issue with message box for non ENG COM3D2 10 months ago
  habeebweeb 1372b09394 Add error handling for loading bg2 icon 10 months ago
  habeebweeb 17d34e76ae Stop BG2 initialization coroutine when exiting MM 10 months ago
  habeebweeb f3fd9ebe4d Fix BG2 props and add BG2 prop caching 10 months ago
  habeebweeb a202010732 Add Newtonsoft.Json as dependency 10 months ago
  habeebweeb 5aa3f3c810 Fix bg2 regression for users below v1.48 10 months ago
  habeebweeb 714a07e388 Fix issue where bg2 cannot load menu files 10 months ago
  habeebweeb e5a405c467 Bump dependencies 10 months ago
  habeebweeb 94ab0722dd Modify GetFieldValue and remove SetFieldValue# 11 months ago
  habeebweeb 5688b7d539 Add priority 0 items to bg2 1 year ago
  habeebweeb d881b21993 Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  habeebweeb e5a7abfdeb Fix regression when loading scenes 1 year ago
  habeebweeb 8362377684 Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  habeebweeb 0990aabd7e Bump version 1 year ago
  habeebweeb 1ce4b51783 Add My Room Custom props to bg2 1 year ago
  habeebweeb 31670a615d Fix regression in Init() 1 year ago
  habeebweeb 7682212eee Tweak save/load and backgrounds button behaviour 1 year ago
  habeebweeb 3452a9c59f Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  habeebweeb 956963a956 Add mod only filter toggle and new config option 1 year ago
  habeebweeb fdeecdca32 Add mod_*.mod spawning and tweak bg2 item sort 1 year ago
  habeebweeb a1c4cb8470 Clean up init() and make tiny change to ComboBox 1 year ago
  habeebweeb 05d769dc39 Highlight currently selected combobox item 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Horsington 4ca6a28f9a Fix message box font size not working with localization enabled 1 year ago
  habeebweeb 16db905b17 Fix some BG items not instantiating on scene load 1 year ago
  habeebweeb fa58ffeb62 Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago